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Ryme Experimentals has been building boards under a few different names for about five years now and we only ride our own decks anymore.  We started building just to see if we could do it and it has become an obsession to craft the perfect custom board individualized for our own style of riding.  We are always fiddling around with new materials, designs, wood types and pressing options to see if we can make it better, faster to produce and at a more affordable price.  

We've been getting some great feedback from a few riders that we share our boards with and we're always willing to try and meet up with new people to let them take the decks out for a few turns. We someday hope to offer our decks locally through a couple of the shops around here or through the website but for now, we'll keep building.

Take a look around and drop us an email or fill out the 'contact us' form if you have any questions or are looking for some more information.  If you're a builder in need of advice, feel free to ask, we're happy to share our methods.

Most recent build

Bomber 46" Snowskate subdeck on the left, 161 Powder split in the center and the new 46" X-over subdeck on the right.

Custom boards